Community Content

Explore a rich collection of community-driven content, featuring insightful videos, blogs, and articles from data engineering experts. These resources offer valuable perspectives on various aspects of data engineering and analytics.

Community Content

Explore a rich collection of community-driven content, featuring insightful videos, blogs, and articles from data engineering experts. These resources offer valuable perspectives on various aspects of data engineering and analytics.

People and Pages

As a community, we want to support our homegrown content creators and experts. Please check them out as they champion data advocacy:

Data Advocates and Experts

  • Doc Ligot - Prompt responsible adoption of artificial intelligence
  • Sherwin Pelayo - Strategic national initiatives to nurture a robust analytics and AI ecosystem
  • Kyle Escosia - Passionately curious about data
  • Sandy C. Lauguico - Data Science, Engineering, and AI; Documenting journey to time-money-location freedom and intentional life
  • Aemyn Obinguar - Fractional Gen AI Engineer
  • Power BI Pilipinas - Official page of the Power BI Pilipinas Community

Tech Content Creators

  • Josh Dev - Tech-related content
  • Kuya Dev - Tech Career Advice Podcast
  • Dev Stuff with JP - Software Development content in Filipino
  • Prof. Bob S. - Programming techniques via video
  • Danielle Meer - Competitive programmer, Esports scholar, Machine Learning Engineer
  • Atcha Abe - Learn, Grow, and Empower
  • The Agile Geek - Educational resources, Tech tools, and Beyond
  • Alex Gamboa - Data Analyst, BI Developer, Pythonista, and ConTech Creator
  • Furtim Dev - Full-stack Developer | Talks about Web Development, Technology, and everything in between
  • WokeTech - Microsoft Applications and Web Development
  • Botnie Data - Aspiring Data Engineer
  • DAX Jutsu - Elevated Power BI skills


Here are some blogs and instructionals created by our community members. Let’s continue to grow this!

Big Data and Cloud

Data Engineering


Portfolio development is a critical part of career path in tech. Projects help not only validate but showcase as well the learnings and capabilities of the talent. Here are a few contributions from the community.

End-to-End Data Projects

Data Challenges

ETL Projects

Videos and Presentations

A brief 5-minute presentation that introduces you to the Data Engineering Pilipinas community and the benefits of joining.

Getting Started with Data Engineering An introductory video on Data Engineering, in collaboration with StudevPH featuring guest speaker, Josh Dev.

A discussion on career opportunities in Philippine Tech Startups, hosted by FWDP Founder David Genesis Pedeglorio, featuring Andoy Montiel, CDO of Packworks.

A video exploring career paths in Analytics in the Philippines, hosted by Doc Ligot and featuring Sherwin Pelayo.

TechSync 2023: Synchronizing Filipino Tech Communities An online event with key thought leaders and content creators in the Filipino tech community.

A panel discussion hosted by R User’s Group Philippines on transitioning to a career in data.

Introduction to Big Data and Analytics Kyle Escosia’s talk on Big Data and Analytics, recorded live at an AWS Siklab Pilipinas event.

Building a Serverless Data Lake in AWS A session by Kyle Escosia on creating a serverless data lake in AWS.

The “Kwentuhan Meetup” is an online event for members of the Data Engineering Pilipinas group,

hosted on Discord.

How I Got Into Data Science WITHOUT a Computer Science Degree | Tips on Working in Tech Philippines

A PL-300 training session for the Power BI Pilipinas community.

Doc Ligot Interviews

Kuya Dev

Josh V.

Sherwin Pelayo


Xavier Puspus


Aemy Obinguar

Sandy Lauguico

Neil Bacon’s Transition: Discover how Leoneil Bacon moved from Biology to Data.

Trisha Nicdao’s Journey: Insights into Trisha’s shift from ESG to Data Analytics, touching on sustainability and GenZ perspectives.

Angel Felismino’s Career Path: From Computer Science to leading in tech talent acquisition.

Emmanuel Irog-Irog’s Innovations: Discussing RAG and LLMs with a focus on recent projects.

Jerel John Velarde’s Vision: Using data for enhancing democracy in AI startups.

Mentoring Program 2024


To create a network of mentors and mentees within the DE Pilipinas community, focusing on personalized advice and skill development in data engineering.

Three Easy Steps

Mentoring Program - pubmat2
  1. Sign Up & Share: Fill out a quick form to tell us about your skills, interests, and what you’re looking for—whether you want to mentor, learn, or both!
  2. Pick Your Match: Browse profiles to find your perfect mentor or mentee. Start the conversation to see if you click, and set up a call to seal the deal.
  3. Learn & Grow Together: Dive into your mentorship journey, set goals, and check in regularly. Your feedback helps us make the experience even better for everyone.

Data Collection

  • Utilize forms to collect information from potential mentors and mentees, including areas of expertise or interest, preferred contact methods, and availability.
  • Information to be updated regularly to ensure it reflects current details.
  • Participants must give consent for their information to be shared for pairing purposes.
  • Mentors register here.
  • Mentees register here.

Pairing Mechanism

  • Self-Initiated Pairing: Mentors and mentees can select their pairs based on the information provided in the forms.
  • Both mentors and mentees are urged to initiate contact, ideally outlining why they believe a partnership would be beneficial and providing relevant information to help the other party determine if there’s a mentor-mentee fit.
  • Once both parties initially agree to the pairing, they are encouraged to conduct a needs assessment call to confirm compatibility before officially commencing the program.
  • A mentor can have multiple mentees, but a mentee can have one mentor at a time. One can be both a mentor and a mentee.
  • To find a mentor and/or a mentee, click here.

Mentor Commitment

  • Our program places a strong emphasis on supporting our mentors. We believe that by taking good care of our experts, they in turn will be

better equipped to nurture their mentees. - Mentors can specify the number of mentees they are willing to take on and their preferred mentoring strategy: some mentors may prefer a hands-on approach, actively guiding mentees through specific technical stacks. Others may opt for a more advisory role, providing strategic guidance and holding regular check-ins. This allows for a personalized mentorship experience that caters to the unique learning styles and objectives of each mentee. - Options for mentor involvement levels help prevent burnout and ensure a productive mentoring relationship.

Mentee Engagement

  • Mentees can identify their career stage and the type of help they need, allowing mentors to select mentees based on their expertise and interest areas.
  • Mentees play an active role in this mentorship program. They are expected to demonstrate a strong desire for learning and growth, as the value of the mentorship relationship is directly proportional to their commitment and engagement. Mentees are encouraged to take the initiative in following up, setting up meetings, and driving their learning journey. A balanced approach is expected, one that involves proactive engagement from the mentees while ensuring that the mentor’s time is respected.

Feedback and Improvement

  • Regular follow-ups and feedback collection from both mentors and mentees to assess the effectiveness of the mentorship and make necessary adjustments.
  • Consider running polls within the group for additional feedback and suggestions.


Can I participate if I’m not from the Philippines? Yes.

Is the mentoring program free? Yes.

Is there a certification or recognition at the end of the program? None. [Maybe in the future recognition for mentors, for mentees, the mentoring is the benefit :D]

Can the mentor-mentee match be changed? Yes, as long as both parties are informed.