We aim to connect and collaborate with like-minded communities that align with our values about tech, data, and community building.


Data Science and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Software Development, Open Source, & Innovation

  • Python Philippines - A community for Python enthusiasts in the Philippines.
  • Open Source Software PH - Open Source Software Philippines or OSSPH is a developer-led initiative to grow the community of developers building open source software across the Philippines.
  • Arduino Day Philippines - Official Facebook Page of Arduino Day Philippines.
  • DEVCON - DEVCON Philippines is the largest community of software developers, geeks, and tech future makers.
  • Filipino Web Development Peers - A group for forward-thinking individuals in various fields.
  • Java User Group Philippines - Java User Group Philippines - A community for Java developers, students, and enthusiasts in the Philippines to connect, share, and grow.

Career Transition and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Eudoxyz - Eudoxyz is an online community dedicated to cater professionals and aspirants in their respective journey.
  • Tech Career Shifter - A community for those looking to shift their careers into tech.
  • Tech Opportunities Philippines - This group is a hub for tech enthusiasts and like-minded individuals passionate about sharing exciting opportunities.
  • Code.Sydney - Code.Sydney is a volunteering organisation that supports beginner developers transition to gain paid employment while helping non-profit and charity organisations with their app needs. Below are some of our projects.

Student Organizations